Architecture Entrance Exam Classes in Chennai

The National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) judges the aptitude of candidates for the specific field of study- architecture. It is conducted by Council of Architecture, New Delhi. It measures observation and drawing skills, aesthetic sensitivity, sense of proportion and critical thinking ability all related to architecture. NATA scores are used for admission to B. Arch courses in many institutions India wide.

Triarch studio is NATA coaching centres in anna nagar chennai and amongst the top NATA coaching classes in chennai, having more than 10 years of experience in coaching students for highly competitive design entrance exams. The results of triarch have increased every year and are testimony to the quality of teaching and the methodology followed.

Why triarch?
Don’t have time to spend hours and hours researching schools and applying to them? Let us do the work for you. Our admissions experts help you apply to the right schools the right way.

Our admissions counseling services counsel students through their application process with utmost sincerity. We believe in our students’ dreams and guide and mentor them in their endeavor to apply to the best places to study. TRIARCH Admission Counseling Services (ACS) ensures that right from the initial stages of university selection that fits an applicant’s profile, till the finalization of ADMISSION, we are bound by our commitment to help them with the universities that will cater to their potential, ambition, needs and educational background.

Our processes are simple and efficient. Maximum competence and smooth client servicing is ensured through clear definition of communication lines across the country and by establishing minimum points of contact for the students.real-time collaboration between consultants and students makes the process intuitive and speedier.

Our counselors and students collaborate online with the help of MS Office tools. This ensures simple and clear communication and high quality output. Through the online platform our students get access to our most updated databases. Students also get up-to-date information about study abroad events, education fairs and universities’ information sessions.

Our dedicated researchers update our universities’ and programs’ databases in real time. We have more than 30, very extensive and most updated graduate schools’ and programs’ databases. Our databases are invariably more effective as compared to various commercially available databases.
Our talented teams leverage on our efficient processes, simple and effective technology and extensive databases to provide a range of admissions counseling services to our students.
Triarch has the best result for NATA across all nata coaching institutes in chennai and is the best option amongst all NATA coaching classes in chennai. Triarch has 100% result in NATA Exam. Many more students from triarchy cleared the NATA exam with the NATA coaching methodology followed at triarch.


  • Many of our students have achieved the national and state ranks in NATA and B.ARCH(AIEEE).
  • Our student keerthana holds the national sixth mark from tamilnadu who secured 129/200.
  • We educate the students with the lowest fees for nata entrance coaching in chennai.
  • Register and apply nata scholarship for the 1st time in tamilnadu @ nata coaching centre in chennai.
  • We give one on one coaching for the students to understand the skills of sketching and architectural thoughts.
  • 100% pass result every year. Get placed in high reputed colleges.
  • Many students from all other nata coaching centres have joined triarch studio.
  • To achieve their goal. Congratulated by many of our students parents.

For More details please call+91 90031 31581

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